Naval shipbuilding

In the naval defence engineering segment, BizLink offers a comprehensive portfolio of application-specific cable solutions for inboard and outboard uses. The focus here is on special properties in the event of fire (smoke gas density, toxicity, corrosiveness of the smoke gasses, self-extinguishing properties), both lateral and longitudinal watertightness, electromagnetic compatibility as well as long-term stability of the jacket materials used. BizLink has solutions ranging from highly flexible, ultra-fine copper wire through to hybrid cable thick as an arm, which they also refine into ready-to connect and ready-to fit assembled cable systems and fully wired modules.

The NavalLine® product range comprises:

  • Inboard and outboard cables
  • Laterally and longitudinally waterproof cables for outboard applications
  • Self-extinguishing submarine cables
  • Customised solutions for inboard and outboard cabling
  • Trailing and underwater cables with integrated strain relief
  • Either steel or aramide strain relief elements for rated loads up to several tons
  • Cables with connectors
  • Design and development of cable systems

Additional application fields: