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BizLink logistics solutions combine internal and external processes, because customer demands are to be met as quickly as possible, from requirements planning and production to the delivery process.

All activities are carried out with the elimination of unnecessary time and inventory reserves at the agreed time. BizLInk's flow orientation ensures that delivery processes to the customer are carried out without waiting or idle time. 

In addition, consignment or forwarding warehouses can be provided for customers from which deliveries are made directly to production according to the kanban principle.

The Customer Service Center controls the processes and thus ensures that BizLink products are available exactly when they are needed.

BizLink also offers further customer-specific logistics services with the aim of optimising added value on both sides, such as ship-to-line and ship-to-stock.

Transport and storage conditions for BizLink marine and offshore cables

Cables must be stored and transported under the following conditions:

  • Temperature range from – 30 °C to 60 °C in still conditions (on the drum or in the ring)

  • Relative humidity of ≤ 75 % on an annual average and ≤ 95 % on a maximum of 30 days per year, whereby the open ends must be sealed splash-proof with suitable means

  • Protection from direct sunlight

  •  Protection against the continuous direct influence of water

  •  Protection against the influence of aggressive media

Before further processing, it must be ensured that the cables have a minimum temperature of – 5 °C throughout.

After a storage period of 5 years from the date of delivery, requalification measures must be agreed between manufacturer
and user. In the case of the requirement for solderability of tinned conductors, the storage stability is reduced to two years.


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