BizLink SeaLine® Ethernet (category) cables

Cables for data communication in demanding network environments


The demands on cables on the high seas are especially strict, because they not only have to withstand the influence of wind and weather, but must also prevent any danger in the event of a fire. BizLink offers a comprehensive range of Cat 5e, CAT 6 and CAT 7 cable products for shipbuilding and offshore applications. All cables have a halogen-fee and flame retardant FRNC outer jacket, which boasts extreme flame retardance and low smoke emission. This means that the materials reduce the threat of poisoning because the smoke emitted does not corrode the airways and routes to the emergency exits remain identifiable. They must furthermore pass the IEC 60332-3-22 test for flame spread of bunched wires or cable. The cables are constructed pursuant to the requirements of IEC 60092-350 and are tested according to the parameters set by classification societies.

In addition to the standard SHF1 and SHF2 cable jacket compounds, the cables can be given an oil and drilling fluid-resistant jacket. Cables that meet the strict, Norwegian NEK 606 standard have an outer jacket made of an FRNC compound and are resistance to drilling fluid. Applications for these cables include drilling rigs, oil refining ships, offshore wind power plants and specialist oil tankers.

Data cables for marine applications have the following characteristics depending on your needs:

  • Oil resistant (SHF1, SHF2)
  • Mud resistant (NEK606)
  • Fire resistant
  • UV-resistant
  • Halogen free
  • Class approved

Fire resistant cables

Fire resistant cables Cat 6A (PH 180)

The ship and offshore market requires more and more cables with functional integrity during fire influence. These cables must have the capability to transfer all necessary power or signals even during fire influence. BizLink has designed several different cable types that will be able to transmit the data characteristics of Cat 6, Cat 6A or Cat 7 in standard use. The Cat 6A cable also transmits the data characteristics in case of fire and afterwards.
The cable was designed in accordance to the requirements of the IEC 60093-350 standard for fire-resistant cables and is similar to the standard design of data transmission cables.

Cable design:

The insulation of the single core must have a combined (hybrid) design of an electrical insulation part  made of extruded thermoplastic material and a fire-resistant second layer. In the BizLink design, it is a polyethylene inner skin directly extruded on the copper wire and a number of fire-resistant mica tapes, which are wrapped around the thermoplastic insulation.

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Data cables for explosive atmospheres 

The ship and offshore market also demands data connections that are safe and of high quality at the transition from hazardous areas to non-hazardous areas. Due to the increasing use of liquid gas for cruise ships and ferries, these applications are becoming more and more frequent.

BizLink has developed cable solutions for this purpose that flow only a minimal amount of gas from one zone to another in the event of an explosion and also meet the requirements of maritime standards.

In addition to Cat 5e, 6, 6A and 7 Ethernet cables, the Ex-product portfolio also includes the following product groups:

  • PROFIBUS cables
  • CAN cables
  • CCTV camera cables
  • Hybrid cables
  • RG-cables

In addition to the excellent data transmission characteristics during operation on board or offshore platforms, the cables also ensure the protection of persons and property by reducing the gas flow.

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Duplex data cables

Special cables for space-saving installation

Especially for shipbuilding, BizLink offers duplex data cables that are particularly suitable for space-saving installation in network cabinets.  Instead of two cables, only one network cable is laid, which saves considerable time during installation and assembly.
In addition, there is often very small space in the network cabinet. If more components are integrated in the cabinet, more space is required. With the BizLink duplex cables, only one cable is laid to connect two network components. In this way, we guarantee considerable space savings and orderly cable routing in the network cabinet.

In addition, the cable has a flame-retardant outer sheath and a fire-resistant second layer, which guarantees optimum data transmission in the event of a fire.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Time saving during the cable laying
  • Sufficient space in the network cabinet
  • Simple connection technology of a 2-fold network socket
  • FRNC outer sheath
  • Fireproof version (PH 120+) available
  • With shipbuilding approval



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