Oceanography & seismic

In the area of oceanography, BizLink cables make sure an interference-free telemetry of seismic activities at the seabed. Besides, the BizLink  cables deliver a reliable support with data and energy for underwater robots in oceanographic applications, both in fixed as  well as in moving installations, when a robot is pulled through water even at the seabed. Beyond that, BizLink provides sea water resistant tensile strength cables with steel or aramid core for full loads of up to several tons, as well as towing and underwater cables, with standard design or either neutrally buoyant or floating.
The outstanding quality of the cables is assured by making reference to the main characteristics for each application through the know how of the engineers, the big BizLink variety of jacket materials and the expertise in manufacturing at our different plants.

BizLink is able to integrate following cabling elements in a towing or unterwater cable:

  • Selected power cores up to 6 kV
  • Control cores, pairs, triples and quads
  • Data elements up to CAT 7
  • Bus cable elements
  • Fiber optic elements
  • Air, gas and fluid hoses
  • All kinds of screening elements
  • Strength members – steel and aramid – up to a load of 100 kN
  • Cross-linked and non cross-linked sheathing materials

Additonal application fields: