For the high demands on cables in the offshore segment (FPSO = Floating, Production, Storage, Offloading), BizLink offers various solutions that withstand the harsh offshore environment The resistance of the cable sheath to oil and mud is particularly important here. Mud is a mixture used in gas and oil drilling to lubricate and cool the drill. The requirements for this are defined in the Norwegian standard NEK 606. This means that cables resistant to mud must have an outer sheath of materials suitable for installations that come into contact with mud. Therefore, according to NEK 606, a sludge-resistant cable must meet the requirements of IEC 60092-359 for SHF2.

BizLink offers an extensive cable portfolio as well as services for offshore / FPSO applications:

  • Especially oil resistant (mud res)
  • Approved by international classification societies
  • Fixed-installed
  • Neutrally buoyant or floating
  • System integrity in the event of fire for use under tough offshore conditions (e.g. NEK 606)
  • Fire resistant cables PH 180
  • Cables for Ex-applications (ATEX)

Additonal application fields: