BizLink SeaLine® Heat 145

BizLink installation cables (heat 145) are suitable for connecting fixed and sporadically moving parts inside and outside of marine applications. These halogen free, cross-linked cables have very good fire safety characteristics and resistance to high temperatures, which allows them to be used in an extremely wide range of applications.


  • Halogen free: IEC 60754-1, EN 50267-2-1
  • No corrosive gases: IEC 60754-2, EN 50267-2-2
  • No toxic gases: NF X 70-100
  • Low smoke density: IEC 61034, DIN EN 61034-2, EN 50268-2
  • Flame retardant: EN/IEC 60332-1-2
  • Non-flame propagating: IEC 60332-3, DIN EN 60332-3, EN 50266-2
  • Low fire load: DIN 51900
  • Cross-linked insulating compound HF90: IEC 60092-360


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