Data cables for potentially explosive atmospheres (Atex cables)

Threat of explosion in the offshore sector

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Typical areas at risk of explosion have existed for a long time on oil and gas production platforms as well as on ships that perform the first refining of the extracted raw materials.* There are consequently strict technical specifications for installing cables in these areas. There is, furthermore, ever more often the need to fit high-quality data connections where zones that are potentially explosive cross over to zones that are not at threat. Marine productreport › Threat of explosion in the offshore sector The increasing use of LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) as a means of propelling ships, especially also cruise ships and ferries, means that the cases of application in the crossover areas described above are becoming ever more frequent. BizLink has made it its mission to provide safe solutions for cables that serve data transmission for these crossover areas to all potential users.

* FPSO ships (Floating Production and Storage Offloading).

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